• Freezing & cooling rooms
  • Shock freezers
  • IQF Systems - Individual Quick Freezing
  • Controlled Atmosphere - CA
  • Special refrigeration units
  • Dehumidifiers control
  • Humidifiers generators
  • מערכות קירור מוקדם (Pre Cooling)
  • Industrial water chillers
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Industrial ice machines
  • Building food plants, dairies etc.
  • Building ice plants
  • Ventilation
  • Parts
Cooling rooms
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The Erwin Refrigeration Ltd. was established 35 years ago by its founder, Mr. Jerochim Erwin. The company which began as a small enterprise in the Ashdod industrial zone grew to become a leader in the planning and construction of refrigeration rooms and advanced refrigeration systems.

Throughout its existence, the company has gained wide experience and knowledge in this area. This know-how is utilized by Erwin experienced engineering team in order to cater to each client's unique needs.

The refrigeration systems and refrigeration rooms produced and marketed by the Erwin Refrigeration Ltd. have been installed at hundreds of locations in Israel and abroad.
The Erwin Refrigeration supplies support for its client with its dynamic, efficient technical crew, which supplies a swift response to the clients needs.

The Erwin Refrigeration has implemented and maintains a quality management system which fulfills the requirements of the following standards ISO9001:2000 supervision the standards institution of Israel.

Among our clients are Ministry of Defence (supplier no. 83443090), IAI Israel Aircraft industries Ltd., Israel Police, Magen David Adom, El-Al, Coca Cola, Tnuva, Tara, Strauss, Osem-Nestlle, Herut, The Israel Electricity Company, Electra, Teva, Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Dexon, Hazera Genetics, Zeraim Gedera, Tamam Aircraft Food Industries Ltd., El Chef, hospitals, Moshavs, Kibbutzes (collective farms) and more.

Erwin Technologies offers the following services: 

• Freezing & cooling rooms
• Shock freezers
• IQF Systems - Individual Quick Freezing
• Controlled Atmosphere - CA
• Special refrigeration units
• Dehumidifiers control
• Humidifiers generators
• Pre-cooling systems
• Industrial water chillers
• Refrigerated containers
• Industrial ice machines
• Building food & fish plants, dairies etc.
• Building ice plants
• Ventilation
• High Speed Rolling Doors

Among company's projects:

Armenia 2013
New cold storage complex opens at Zvartnots airport - click here

Among company's products
 Dehumidifiers types
Dehumidifiers types

Principle of function
Principle of function - Adsorption dehumidifiers 
 Plug Unit
Plug Unit
 ˚40-  Chiller for industrial use
˚40-  Chiller for industrial use
 Standard cold storage room
Standard cold storage room
 Refrigerated containers for sale or rent
Refrigerated containers for sale or rent
 Industrial ice machine
Industrial ice machine
43 Hamada St., POB 722, North Industrial Zone, Ashdod, Israel
Tel.:  +972-8-8525317 Fax: +972-8-8562446
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